My fave characters (in no particular order) number 44

Katarina Stratford

10 Things I hate about you

Julia Stiles

‘Why should I live up to other people’s expectations instead of my own?’

The character is loosely based on Shakespeare’s character of the same name, from Taming of the Shrew, well sorry actually the film itself is based on the play. She’s a individual, standing out within her first scene, as she pulls up alongside a gang of stereotypically perky American teenage girls, in a battered vintage car listening to Joan Jett.

I related to her, because of her reluctance to conform, she doesn’t let the fact that her father, her teachers and her sister would like her to behave in a certain way, compromise what she wants for herself, and her own preferences. It was probably one of the first characters that I saw in a high school film, that I actually connected with on that level.

I loved her dry wit, and the fact that she will stand up for people that she cares for, the scene when Patrick’s in detention for singing to her on the football field, showing that particular quality, clip uploaded by Raphaella Grego. However it’s the fact that she has the strength to be vulnerable emotionally, the scene when she reads her poem always touches me, due obviously to Stiles’ performance, clip uploaded by nalbi dat.

I found this great article on Buzzfeed which sums up several of the admirable qualities that Katarina possesses, entitled The Kat Stratford Guide To Being An Awesome Feminist.

Another article which expresses some of the reasons that I still really like this character, and use her as a template for my own strong female characters, is 10 reasons why Kat Stratford should still be your #1 hero.

Fan videos dedicated to the character

Background song: Misfit video created by mcflygaga

Background song: Bitch video created by Natália Tamaio



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