My Fave Characters (in no particular order) number 43

A; John_Diggle.png

John Diggle 


David Ramsey

John Diggle is undoubtedly the conscience of Team Arrow, he’s the one who initially keeps Oliver on the straight and narrow, his experiences as a soldier giving him a insight into the issues that Oliver might be dealing with, especially in the first season. He’s never been afraid to tell Oliver when he thinks that the things that Oliver are doing are wrong.

His moral sense is unwavering, regardless of the connection he might have with the person who’s acting against John’s idea of right and wrong. He even refused to go and save his biological brother Andy, trying to convince the other members of Team Arrow that there was nothing there worth saving, after he had discovered the truth about what his brother had been doing in the time immediately before his ‘death’. The only reason he eventually joined the rescue mission, was because Oliver, his brother needed him, clip uploaded by Manos Voulelakis. It’s something that has been at the core of his character since episode four of the first season, when he initially refuses to join Oliver in his crusade, clip uploaded by Emily Cullen.

His perceptiveness is something else that I really like about him, it’s shown in his initial interactions with Oliver,clip uploaded by xoxoTVD FANxoxo and also helps him to pick up on how Felicity is feeling after Sara joins the team in season two, clip uploaded by Olicity Queen.

But it’s the deadpan humour that is the most appealing quality, well that and the huge physique, I mean Ramsay has bigger arms than even Amell, video created by Mrseclipse555.

Fan videos featuring the character

Background song: All the way for you video created by katlikethatprodz

Background song: I got you video created by Gaia Di Lorenzo

Background song: What do you want from me? video created by Moony


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