Flash Fiction (Number 17)


Giving up on you

Bright sunlight sparkled over the sea, the gleam of the sun dancing over the silky chestnut hair of the girl sat on the beach. Her attention was so absorbed by her problems that the touch to her shoulder made her nearly jump out of her skin. Turning she saw that Niall Redmond was standing behind her, the tall auburn haired man was more than a little worse for wear. “What are you doing out here? You’re usually the life and soul,” Niall smiled at her.

“I didn’t really feel like celebrating tonight. I have things to think about,” her gaze drifted up the beach to the house filled with people, “I doubt I will have been missed anyway.”

“Freddie missed you, he asked me to come and find you. He couldn’t come himself because Simone’s cornered him.” Niall said, shifting a little on the sand, “Poor bugger, she has him bumping and grinding,”

“So we’re meant to be his rescue party?” She asked, a hint of annoyance glinting in her eyes “He’s a big boy, I think he can handle the Glenn Close clone on his own,”

“He wanted to see you before he went back home. There’s apparently something that you have to resolve? Something about Milan?”

“There’s nothing to resolve, Milan was a drunken mistake.” She stood up, brushing the sand from the seat of her trousers briskly.

Niall followed suit, feeling a little relieved by her response. “That is good to know.”


“I’ve seen too many women waste their lives, waiting for him to leave Geraldine,”

“Well I’m definitely not one of them.” She declared, “I’ve lived through a family break up, there’s no way that I would even attempt to be the cause of one.”

“I’m glad to hear that.” Niall confessed, as the two of them finally began to head back towards the house. “You are worth far more than that,” A glance down at her, so pretty in the soft light, and the amount of alcohol that he had consumed gave him the courage to say, “You should be with someone who can love you without any baggage,” He helped her to climb the stairs to the wide porch, grateful for her support as well, as his legs were a little shaky under him.

“I don’t want to be with anyone right now. I have other priorities.” She lifted her arms to pull her hair back into a messy ponytail, the action caused her t shirt to ride up and exposed her gently rounded belly.

“You’re pregnant!” the exclamation came from Niall and Freddie at the same time.

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