My BrOTPs (in no particular order) number 9


Jen Lindley and Jack McPhee

Dawson’s Creek

Michelle Williams and Kerr Smith

I liked these characters seperately, but then they were put together in the latter parts of season two, and Jack moved in with Jen and her Grams, in the season two finale. Season three saw them become a solid bromance, the wit that both characters possessed, not disappearing. Their interactions were sweet, and I particularly enjoyed the fact that Jen was the most vocally supportive female when it came to Jack’s struggle with his sexuality.

It was nice to see a purely platonic mixed sex pairing for the first time in the show, as before that, if a male character was friends with a female, there was always some overtones of sexual attraction, on one side or the other. The fact that Jack was gay obviously negated that, as Jen was straight.

I enjoyed the friendship between them more than the friendship between Will and Grace, the other straight woman/ gay man friendship that I was aware of, finding them easier to relate to, as they were obviously meant to be teenagers.

A collection of quotes and scenes from the four seasons that Jen and Jack were part of the show, video uploaded by jleinnn

Fan videos dedicated to the pair

Background song: Please Remember, video created by Lexie Stevens

Background song: You found me, video created by cescardina

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