My fave characters (in no particular order) number 45

Jen Lindley

Dawson’s Creek

Michelle Williams

‘I feel like I never really fit’

If you’re unfamiliar with the character, she starts out as a rebellious ex New Yorker, who has been banished to Capeside by her parents, in the hopes that living with her grandmother will end the destructive path that they consider her to be on. She ends up as one of the most evolved characters on the show, becoming a mother, and settling down into a quiet life, before her death in the series’ finale.

I liked the fact that she was the most emotionally honest of the six main characters, and this is something that she never lost, even in the finale episode when she is talking to her daughter, video uploaded by brumlad83.

Williams’ played her as a girl desperate to find someone who genuinely cared about her, and wouldn’t abandon her if she did something that they deemed to be wrong, and she found that in Jack, during the third season. The friendship between the two was one of the things that settled the character down, letting her leave behind the drinking to forget, from season two.

She also found in Pacey, someone that she could relate to, as both of them had been largely abandoned by their parents, and had a quick wit, which they often used to great effect.

Williams’ scenes with Holmes, particularly in the first season were usually filled with feisty and argumentative dialogue, as the two characters were competing over Dawson Leery, for his affections. This snippet shows how emotionally intelligent Jen was, a probable after effect of her back story, in which she grew up very fast, clip uploaded by kerplunka409

Fan videos for the character

video created by lbminmyheart

Background song: Fields of Gold, video created by sweetriver



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