My Fave Characters (in no particular order) number 31

Clara Oswald

Doctor Who

Jenna Coleman

She was intriguing at first, because when we first meet Clara, she’s inside the Dalek  empire, Uploaded by Sophie Madlen and then we also meet her in Victorian times. I only started liking her really though when Coleman started her run as a modern day companion.

Coleman made her easy to relate to somehow, and the scenes with her family, aside from the scene at her mother’s grave obviously were quite funny. I liked the fact that the writers made her different again to Amy, although she shares the same fearlessness with those companions that came before her.

She’s more technically minded than most of the modern companions, due in part to her first adventure with the Doctor, in a echo of the character in the Dalek compound. Another difference is that she is a proficient enough liar to lie to her boyfriend Danny, who happens to work with her in the school, and keep him oblivious to the reality of her life with the Doctor, despite him being on the periphery of several adventures.

Coleman was particularly good in the emotional scenes, and really made me sympathise with her, even in the early adventures. Clara’s energy and good spirits reminded me a little of Jenny, from series four.

She is probably one of the few companions, especially in the modern show, that has that complicated of a story line. I mean she’s the girl that dies twice, before she becomes a proper companion, and then jumps into the Doctor’s time stream to save him.

Her actions at the end of her first series, reminded me somewhat of Rose’s actions when she opened the Tardis’ heart. Uploaded by Joolushkos. She was evidently self assured, and didn’t put up with the Doctor’s nonsense, strong willed and funny enough to fire back at him, as shown in this video uploaded by xShrinkingUniverse

Coleman was impressive throughout her tenure in the TARDIS, but the emotional scenes, particularly when Clara lost Danny were some of her strongest work. It was clearly meant to be a turning point for her, as she became even more reckless, and determined to save others seeing as she was unable to bring him back.

Some fan videos dedicated to Clara and Coleman

Uploaded by Wolf Fusion Trailers: Crosses by José González

Uploaded by EastendersEdit Videos

Uploaded by luthiens: Tribute to Eleventh doctor and Clara to Never Let me go




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