My Fave Characters (in no particular order) number 27

Tara Knowles

Sons of Anarchy

Maggie Siff

“I don’t need a boy to handle my shit,”

She was interesting to me from the outset. I mean I know that there’s a back story, that Tara and Jax were in love as teenagers, but it was still intriguing to me, that a pretty, capable and clearly intelligent woman hadn’t found anyone that she liked as much as her first love. There was something in the way that Siff played her, which elevated the already great writing, and made her a great foil for Sagal’s Gemma Teller.

Tara was strong pretty much from the outset, clearly academically able but she wasn’t infallible. Her evident great capacity for love, most obviously shown in her relationship with Jax was also visible during Siff’s scenes with the children. However she could be judgemental, most noticeably in her initial interactions with Lyla, dismissing her in part due to her profession, but the two ultimately became very close. Tara was Lyla’s maid of honour when she married Opie, and accompanied her so that Lyla could get a abortion.

She was very protective of those that she loved, and that was shown more than once, but her protectiveness of Abel, came out in season four, when she shattered her cast in a fit of rage when Wendy wanted to get to know her son.

This video shows her strength, and some of the troubles that she had to go through, because who Jax was, and who he was connected to.  Video by GabyReuploads

Fan video by tjmack1986, this one goes right up until Tara’s final scene, and shows more of the difficulties between Tara and Gemma, their tumultuous friendship, and the fights that the characters had over Jax through the six seasons.

Tara was forever getting sucked right into the heart of action, during the six years, despite the fact that she really just wanted a ordinary life with Jax and the boys. This is a funny compilation by littlebiggieful, detailing just some of the situations she found herself in, even though Jax tried to keep her safe.

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