My Fave Songs (in no particular order) number 62

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No Diggity

Blackstreet and Dr Dre

‘She’s got class and style’

I like this song, it’s quite funny in a way. I liked it when I was in high school, and then forgot about it, until hearing it in Pitch Perfect. It was interesting hearing Anna Kendrick sing it, and I added the original back onto my favourites playlist.

Unlike some rap music, it doesn’t seem to me to be sexist. I mean yes the lyrics seem to about the fact that a man finds a girl attractive, but the last verse sung by Queen Pen is from a woman’s perspective, and seems to be saying that she’s as active in the pursuit as the man. Besides if you judge such things to be sexist, then the vast majority of music in general is sexist, given the amount of songs dedicated to unrequited love, or describing how attractive the object of the singer’s affection is meant to be, which exist.

Official music video

Pitch Perfect version



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