My BrOTPs (in no particular order) number 3

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose


Leati Joseph “Joe” Anoaʻi and Jonathan “Jon” Good

‘Anyone comes in at us, we’re gonna go at them’: Roman Reigns

There’s something very watchable, and likeable about the two of them, in the midst of all the other WWE performers. It’s probably due to the different characteristics, I mean Dean Ambrose is the smaller physically, but has a bigger in ring personality, throwing himself all over the place in the name of winning. Roman on the other hand seems to be a more verbally restrained character, and isn’t as careless with his physical safety.

They were funny in the first episode since Seth Rollins turning heel on them, after Good delivers his part of the speech, and drops the microphone. The look that Anoa’i gives him always makes me smile. Roman and Dean address Seth Rollins

The WWE creative team have so far kept the pair together, making them almost into a team similar to HBK and Triple H, the two being each other’s support, against whoever might challenge them. It’s been shown time and again, that the pair have each other’s backs, Roman helps Dean against Kane and Sheamus posted by Brandon Wilkinson, and Dean saves Roman from Wyatt family

It’s very sweet that Dean is there with Roman’s biological family, when Roman wins the WWE World Heavy Weight belt, Roman Reigns celebrates with family

Fan videos for the pair that I particularly like

Tribute created by Swoope

Created by oldnbaschool

Tribute by oldnbaschool


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