Stories of her life (number 15)

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This brief note was shoved under my hotel room door, and I found it after coming back from meeting with Oriana. It was signed by Bonnie Richards, Joel’s most recent girlfriend.

I hated Alicia even before I met her. The sentiment in Bonnie’s words surprises me, as all most of the interviewees have expressed a liking at the very least. All I had heard from Gary before Joel arranged for us to meet, was how great she was. It didn’t help when I realised just how deeply Joel loved her. The jealousy rolls off the page, and is hardly what I expected. I knew that she was happy with Theo, but it was obvious after spending twenty minutes with both her and Joel, that Joel hadn’t got over her, and that there was a connection there on her side too. I wasn’t really surprised when I saw that Joel had been there when she was killed. 

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