My OTP’s (in no particular order) number 9

Jax and Tara

Sons of Anarchy

Charlie Hunnam and Maggie Siff

They have the most difficulties of any human couple that I’ve yet watched. He’s a member of a gang who is known for their criminal activities, who likes a lot of female company, and has a drug addicted ex partner who is the mother of his first born son.

She’s a doctor, who has a stalker ex boyfriend who happens to be a FBI agent, and has difficulties dealing with the criminal activities. She wants to be with him, but wants to live a normal life too, especially when her son is born.

And that’s without mentioning Jax’s very controlling mother Gemma who isn’t exactly pleased that her son is reconnecting with Tara in the first few seasons.

The chemistry between Hunnam and Siff was evident from the pilot really, but in scenes like this one from the season one finale, they really showed the connection that was supposed to exist between their characters. Clip posted by DamnThatPanda, also shows the conflict that existed between them, her struggle with her love for him, and the fear over the club.

It wasn’t just soft moments, though, there were more than a couple of steamy scenes between the two. The one after Tara has been confronted by one of the women interested in Jax, is funny, the expression on Siff’s face when Tara’s love rival pops her head around the door, was great. Clip of Jax and Tara sex scene in season one posted by Allyson Sinclair

Siff showed how strong Tara was on numerous occasions and how much she and Jax relied on each other, but this one, from the fourth season finale was particularly satisfying for me as a viewer, because it happened in front of Gemma. Clip posted by Sons of Anarchy on Fx

The scene of their marriage was quite funny and rather sweet, especially given that Gemma was the one who had given them the rings, Clip posted by Sarunas Zouki

The main reason I liked them so much, though was because the writers had both sweet and domestic scenes, and genuinely heartbreaking scenes for the pair, over the course of the six seasons that Tara was a core character on the show.

It was kind of evident that there wasn’t going to be a happy ending for the two, that they weren’t going to end up riding off into the sunset with their children, but I still was a little bit shocked by the way that the writers chose to end Tara’s story line.

I cried, at this scene, I couldn’t help it. Hunnam was extraordinary, just brilliant in that moment. Jax and Tara’s last scene posted by KNICEMPN b

My favourite fan videos for the pair

Created by FilmDigest

Video made by ZalRB1

Video made by laughwiththesinners0

Video made by bustad33

Video made by Praud Anthony

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