Short Poem


He never dreamed that he would meet her, watching her as she smiles

Her eyes sparkling with unrestrained love of life, bright white teeth exposed

He can’t help but smile back, the world stopping

He can’t see anything but her, crowds vanishing for those few seconds


She laughs, grabbing his hand

The touch of her warm skin, sending shivers through his system

In that moment, he knows without reservation that she’s the one

And he could quite happily spend his life with her


The citrus scent of her hair drifts on the summer breeze

Tantalising him as her curls are blown around her face

She ignores it, as she races for the sea

Dragging him along in her wake, urging him on


She’s always been driving him on, and he watches

Her dive into the murky black water, only lit

with the glow of the moon

he has to stand back, his fear overwhelming him


She emerges from the deep,

unable to stay away from him for long

It’s always been that way

Like Gravity

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