Writing Exercise (number 9)

I can’t remember which writing tutor set this task, but we were told to try and write positive and negative reactions to various situations.

Sunny day

“Great! Gonna phone Jess for a beach day!”

“God! I’m gonna be swamped with holiday makers”

An new house being built close to your own house

“I wonder what the new people will be like?”

“Great! More disruption in the morning!”

A child crying

“Come here sweetheart, it’s okay,”

“Oh do shut up! It’s only a scratch,”

Dropping a family heirloom

“Thank god it’s insured. Are you okay?”

“That’s the last time that I trust you in anything,”

The onset of snow

“I love it when it’s snowing don’t you? Reminds me of childhood,”

“Don’t be ridiculous. The traffic disruption alone is a huge pain.”


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