Stories of her life (number 13)


I received this from Alicia’s son Luke.

It’s weird but as I sit down to write about mum, Simple Man keeps playing in my head. Mum loved all kinds of music, but Sixties and Seventies music formed the background for our childhood. She would always be playing songs, from the moment she got up with us, to the moment we went to sleep, something would be playing on the stereo. 

Somehow the lyrics that Van Zant and Rossington came up with are practically bang on, for what she always wanted for all four of us. She just wanted us to be good to people, and to find happiness with whoever we eventually fell in love with. 

Tiffani, Dawn and I were luckier than Mary, because mum and dad raised us together, under the same roof and I know that they both adored us. Mum struggled constantly with having to leave us, whenever a case came up at the Amour Federation, trying to balance her maternal instinct with the reason she had been created.

I admit though I was really angry with her, for honouring her mission over us, wishing that she had chosen differently. That part of me, the part that just wanted his mother back, didn’t care that she had saved countless lives, just that she wasn’t going to be there for me anymore. 

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