My fave characters (in no particular order) number 26


Sofia Curtis


Louise Lombard

I liked the unconventional traits that the writers gave Sofia in her first episode. She seemed to be different than the rest of the female detectives on the show. Clip posted by Margaritaville2004. Flustering Grissom by changing her clothes in front of him, when they encountered a crime scene unexpectedly, Clip posted by The Best of Louise Lombard and she also had a slightly unusual way of talking herself through the evidence she was discovering.

However she was also a very diligent and fair minded person, traits that the writers highlighted when they had her be the one that had to review Grissom’s dealings with his team, and had her not do as Ecklie wanted. Clip posted by The Best of Louise Lombard. She was demoted from acting day shift supervisor, and made to work as part of Grissom’s team, as punishment.

Season Six saw her shift, into being a secondary cop liaison to the CSI’s, as well as Brass. She shows her systematic way of working, and that she hadn’t lost any of the scientific skills that she had gained working in the lab,  Clip from Shooting Stars.

That season also was when Lombard was able to show more of her emotional range, especially through the episodes when Sofia could have killed a fellow police officer by mistake during a shootout. Clip between her and Grissom

She didn’t really have any romantic entanglements on the show, there was a brief flirtation between Grissom and Sofia, but the Grissom/Sara couple was always more popular, and so it came to a end.

However Sofia was a good friend to most of the CSI’s, Scene between Sofia and Sara.

There are a few people that really like Sofia, and have created tribute videos to her

Here are some of them

Simply the best: created by confuzzle07

Nick/Sofia pairing video created by Septemberly

A girl like you: created by Septemberly


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