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Never been Kissed

It’s a fun and lightweight romantic comedy, starring Drew Barrymore, released quite a few years ago, and based on a quite a slim premise.

Josie (Barrymore) was a ‘geek’ in high school, who received the nickname ‘Josie Grossie’, and was teased by one of the popular kids. A athlete asked her to the prom, but only to humilate her, turning up with a popular girl, and the two pelted Josie with food in front of the other kids. She never quite recovered from that, and has reached her mid twenties without being kissed once. Her boss at the newspaper makes her go undercover at the local high school, and redo her high school years, as a popular kid. Her brother Rob (David Arquette) was popular the first time around, and comes back to show Josie how it’s done. Josie develops feelings for her English teacher Sam (Michael Vartan), and they are clearly mutual. 

It’s obvious to anyone that’s ever watched a romantic comedy, that Josie is going to be kissed by her teacher Sam, by the end, and that whatever mistakes she makes over the course of the film, will be cleared up neatly.

I liked it, it’s sweet, but I didn’t believe that Josie would never have been kissed at all, by the time she got to twenty five. I know that there’s a line saying that she doesn’t ‘want to kiss a load of losers to get to the right man’, but surely there would have been someone that she liked, in the seven years since leaving high school? At least enough to kiss him.



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