My inspirations (in no particular order) number 32


Ginger Rogers aka Virginia Katherine McMath

July 16, 1911 – April 25, 1995

‘I do everything the man does, only backwards and in high heels!’ 

‘You know, there’s nothing damnable about being a strong woman. The world needs strong women. There are a lot of strong women you do not see who are guiding, helping, mothering strong men. They want to remain unseen. It’s kind of nice to be able to play a strong woman who is seen.

I don’t remember the first time that I saw clips of Ginger Rogers dancing with Fred Astaire, but I still think that the pair of them were extraordinary. I love to watch dancers, as it’s something that I’m not confident in doing myself, I haven’t the basic musicality to have the self confidence to even attempt the steps. Watching how elegant, and effortless she was, doing everything that Astaire did, but in high heels, and long skirts, it’s wonderful. She evidently worked incredibly hard, regardless of her natural ability.

How could you fail to be impressed and inspired, by such performances?

Clip from the Gay Divorcee, posted by Astairelover

Clip of Rogers and Astaire in Swing Time posted by PepsiPrime

Too Hot to Handle clip posted by CatCORViN

Top Hat clip posted by Bóyáng Wáng



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