Flash Fiction (number 16)

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I wrote this for my niece quite a few years ago, it was about her reaction to the horses who live in a field not far away from our house.

Viola was a very special little girl. She was never afraid of anything, and could do anything that the boys could do. She always told her mother ‘I’m not scared,’

On the sunny day that this story takes place, she was walking with her grandma by the sea. Holding on tight to her grandma’s hand, Viola looked around watching the other people who were enjoying the bright sunshine.

“What’s that grandma?” She pointed to the large animal with the shaggy hair and large teeth, who was watching her from over the fence. She had never seen anything quite like it before.

“It’s a horse Viola,” her auntie told her, as she came up at a brisk walk, breathing hard. “It’s nothing to be afraid of,”

“I’m not scared Auntie Em.” Viola kept hold of her grandma’s hand. Her Auntie walked forward slowly, holding out one hand over the fence, so that the horse could smell her fingers.

“It’s okay.” Her auntie said, turning back to look at Viola. Viola stepped forward slightly forward as her auntie smiled, holding out her other hand. However just as Viola approached the fence, the horse snorted loudly and tossed it’s head.

Viola hurried back to her grandma, the reassuring smile on the older woman’s face, restored her confidence and she said “I’m not scared,”


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