Stories of her life (Number 5)


I received this from Katrina Miller: Alicia’s sister

I know that a lot of people have different perspectives on my sister, but to me she was always like a Labrador. I don’t man that she was a dog, I mean that she was cute with bags of energy and a sweet temperament, but a tendency to be destructive in her quest to find the next thing to do. She was the one of my sisters that shared my need to find out new things, and explore new cultures. I wasn’t exactly surprised when she kept moving, not spending more than two years in any one place. She couldn’t understand why people wanted to be stationary, when there was so much of this world to see, and so many people to meet.

The only thing that slowed her down, was when she fell in love, which she did with fascinating regularity, usually falling hard, and then realising how wrong for her they were within two months. The only men that she really truly loved were Theo and Joel. 

She loved who Joel could be, and never gave up on him, even after the events when Mary was a newborn. No matter what was happening in her life, she would have dropped it at the slightest hint that he was in danger or needed her in some way.  I saw that when they reunited as adults, and she decided to leave her job at Trinity to help him.  

Theo gave her peace and stability, but never tried to tie her down, sharing that same restless spirit and desire to help people. They both understood that life is too short to spend it dreaming of things, we should go out and grab it. 

Alicia’s life might have been short, but she fit more into those forty years that some do in twice that. 

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