Stories of her life (number 4)



Isabelle Radcliffe, one of Alicia’s former students, from her years teaching at Trinity School between 1990-1992, declined to meet with me face to face. She did send this email though:

The overwhelming feeling I have when I think of Alicia is jealousy. It’s strange to admit, especially as so long has passed since she died. Not to mention how much she did to help others, but it was how I felt. I was jealous of her because her easy rapport with Mr Ross. I was right in the middle of my crush on him, when she started teaching at the school. Looking back, I know rationally that he just thought of me as another student, but I was a teenager, he was very attractive, and he was interested in my opinions about things, of course I had a crush on him.

It wasn’t just that though, I was also jealous of the fact that she and Beth, had such a close relationship. My parents loved me, but weren’t tactile people, and didn’t quite understand me, and when I saw Alicia hug Beth, pleased that her niece had become captain of the hockey team, it hurt. It hurt so much to see my friend getting the affection that I so craved but could never receive.

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