My fave reality television stars (in no particular order) number 3

hk_48-rochelle-brick_3004 (1)
HELL’S KITCHEN: Rochelle Bergman. CR: Ray Mickshaw / FOX. Copyright 2104 FOX Broadcasting.

Rochelle Bergman

Hell’s Kitchen 12

She came across as a very likeable person during the entire season, and there was something endearing in the fact that she started laughing, because of her nerves during the signature dish challenge.

It didn’t take long for her determination to be shown either, as she carried on working, despite developing a severe cold during a early episode. The fact that she was working on the vegetables, coughing heavily was even more impressive because of the fact that one of her fellow contestants, who didn’t seem to be physically that unwell, opted to sit out the prep work as well. She showed a further example of just how much it meant to her, when she returned to work, after chopping off the end of her finger.

Rochelle was clearly talented, impressing Ramsay with how she cooked meat, but it was her good humour that really made her stand out in my opinion. The footage never showed her getting annoyed, as far as I remember, something that is very rare in a Hell’s Kitchen contestant.


This is a interview from Rochelle, with some first episode footage as well

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