Writing Exercise Number 3


I was challenged to write something including the words, Interview, Uniform, Journey, Souvenirs, and Catastrophe.

Here it is:

Striding out in her new uniform, she feels self confident for the first time in a long time. The highly polished buttons and the gleaming leather shoes catch the sunlight. “Looking good Mary!” the newsagent’s son calls across the road, as he straightens from setting out the sandwich board.

“Thanks Jeff! I’ll see you later!” She can’t help the smile, stretching across her face as she walks.

The journey down to the station doesn’t take her long, one of the perks is that it’s only five or six blocks from her house.

She glances up at the front windows, seeing figures moving quickly through the thick glass, and then…catastrophe!! She feels the splat land on the pristine black fabric of her jacket.


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