Demonic Passions



It’s a opening passage of a fan fiction based on Supernatural, during the months between season three and season four, while Dean was still in hell.

The heat sears at his flesh, sweat pouring off him and he can feel the crunching of bone underneath his bare feet. Alistair laughs as the blade cuts through the thick muscle of Dean’s upper arm. “When are you going to learn little grasshopper?” he raises one hand, stopping the demon from slicing more skin away “I can get to you at any time. You and sweet little Cat.”

Dean’s head shoots up, the bloodstained skin around his eyes betraying the fear and anger occasioned by Alistair threatening her.  He twists in the chains that hold his flayed frame upright as he makes his point. “You’re never gonna touch her. I won’t let it happen.”

“How are you going to stop me?” Alistair’s lean features twist into a mocking smile as he studies Dean. “Bring her.” The order has the demon settling down his thin blade, and scurrying away. “You know…I’m beginning to understand why you care about her. She is sweet, both inside and out.” Alistair licks his lips, the implication clear even as he smirks.

Dean fights harder as Cat is dragged into the room, the sight of white bone through a rip in her jeans causes adrenaline to spiral through him despite his injuries.

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