Writing Exercise number 2


One of the writing groups I’ve been a member of, set the task of how to introduce characters into a story.

These are three of the ones that I came up with

Shuffling steps over the threadbare carpet, accompanied by the deep bone rattling cough announced the arrival of Frederick Lane. His entrance caused a round of applause to erupt in the crowded room. His eyes welled up with tears, as he took in the large banner hanging on the back wall reading Welcome Home, “Welcome Home Captain,” He saluted in response to his daughter’s words, a smile bursting to life on her chubby cheeks.

Clouds raced in across the periwrinkle blue sky, turning it a murky shade of navy in seconds, and then the rain cascaded down, soaking the sunseekers who lay supine on the white sand. Curses rang out from people of all varying nationalities but the most vividly colourful ones came from a toned Hungarian.

The crunching of brakes rang out in the quiet street, as Janet Kelly swerved to avoid the skeletal cat that had rushed out into the road. The noise of the grinding gears, and the loud curse even got through the sleeping brain of her passenger: DC William Leaford, and he awoke with a grunt.


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