Writing Exercise

We were challenged to create a short story and include the words, Mine, Fingermarks, Railway and Day at the Races.

This is what I came up with:

“That’s mine!” Clare Adamson called out, a tinge of fear and embarrassment flashing over her face as she exited the railway toilets.

The orange jacketed man straightened up from where he was examining her suitcase. “You shouldn’t leave luggage unattended, it’s a security risk.”

“I’m sorry. I left it with my son.” Clare closed her hand over the handle, breathing out a sigh as she saw the sweaty fingermarks that the railway worker had left on the cream plastic.

He walked away, tutting softly and passed her son, who came loping back. Liam had a carrier bag dangling from one hand, and gave her a sheepish smile when he saw her anger. “Where have you been? My suitcase could have been blown up,” the thought of all her outfits being destroyed made the colour drain from her face.

“I went for some liquid refreshment,” he set the carrier down on the platform and she heard the metallic clang “I’ll need it if I’m spending the day at the races,”

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