My fave characters (in no particular order) number 18

ATS; Fred Burkle.jpg

Fred Burkle

Angel the series

Amy Acker

When we first meet Fred, in the tail end of season two, she is considerably disturbed and unsettled through the fact that she has been trapped in a place where humans are little more than cattle. However despite this, she is still evidently caring, and compassionate, possessing enough courage to approach a feral Angel, and to care for him until he’s come back to himself.

Whedon creates her to be a woman who never fully loses her belief in people, but will still react swiftly if someone harms her or those that she cares for. She shows her ruthless side, particularly when she discovers the truth about what her Professor did to her.

However there’s a silliness and a sweetness to her as well, which I find adorable. It’s shown in this brief scene during season three clip posted by thesimpsons.

She is still joking, during the scenes that lead up to her departure from the show, something that she has in common with several of the other characters in Buffy and Angel, but is still a admirable quality to have.

I also like how courageous Joss Whedon made her, Acker’s performances showing that even though Fred might be scared, she would not let it stop her. This fan video reveals that she was a hero, even though she might not have thought so, Posted by scourgeofeurope


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