Films beginning with K


King Kong 

Directed by Peter Jackson

I have watched and greatly enjoyed the original King Kong starring Fay Wray, but I have to say that of the three filmed versions I’m aware of, I prefer Peter Jackson’s version. There seems to be more immediate emotional weight within it, and obviously there have been great leaps in the field of CGI. I remember at the time that it came out, that a critic in Empire Magazine said something about Kong somehow resembling a grumpy old man, and he kind of does.

The part when he comes to save Ann despite the fact that she has run away, showed just how he had come to care for her. Take a look at the expression that Andy Serkis allows to cross Kong’s face, when Ann backs  posted by movieclips.

There’s something sweet and almost charming about the way that Andy Serkis has Kong react to Ann, like he’s experiencing human emotions. The scene where the two for all intents and purposes go ice skating, although a little cheesy, is one of my favourite parts of the film. It’s adorable. Clip of the scene posted by movieclips

All of the human actors deliver strong performances in my opinion, but Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow is particularly impressive. Throughout the film, she delivers a emotionally strong performance, which makes it believable that Adrien Brody would develop romantic feelings for her.



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