Films beginning with the letter C

City of God

I had never seen a film quite like this, the first time. The majority of the actors aren’t well known names, and in some cases were born and raised in the favelas of Rio.

The speed and way that it’s edited, along with the performances stick in  the mind. I was drawn to Benny and Rocket in particular, and the scene at Benny’s farewell party is heartbreaking and terrifying in equal measure.

I loved the interaction between Benny and Angelica, and her strength was evident when she spoke to Lil Ze. Lil Ze’s transformation from child to adult, and then after the events at Benny’s, is handled extremely well by the actor, and the writer.

All of the actors, regardless of their professional experience at the time deliver wonderful performances. I admired the split focus, which gave me the impression that perhaps the director might have been a admirer of Quentin Tarantino’s style.


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