Inspirations of mine (in no particular order) number 17


Lois Lane 


There are a few hints and mentions of Lois before we meet her in the flesh, but they are few and far between, during Smallville’s first three years. I have to confess that I didn’t really watch those episodes. I recall catching one, but then becoming a little bored with it, because I happened to turn it on during a conversation between Lana and Clark.

I’m sure that Lana had many interesting points, during the first three years,  it’s just that during my brief viewings of the show, she merely seemed to be the stereotypical Mary Sue, very pretty, very nice but bland beyond belief.

It wasn’t until Lois rocked up, chatting ten to the dozen, fighting a addiction to nicotine, and nicotine gum, and crashing her car when Clark returned unexpectedly in the middle of a corn field, that I became excited by the series again. I saw the posts about Lois’s arrival on tumblr, and determined to start watching more regularly.

It’s something I’ve not regretted in the slightest. I had thought that Margot Kidder’s portrayal was my favourite, but there is something about the way that Erica Durance inhabits that role, which makes Lois Lane even more relatable, and the most interesting female character on the show.

I’m coming to realise that I much prefer those characters who might be a bit of a mess, they don’t know quite where their lives are heading, but still have a great deal of intelligence, and are capable of extraordinary things.

Lois definitely is one of those, within her first few episodes, we saw her taking down armed soldiers, who were considerably larger than she was, but still possessing vulnerabilities. She displayed her incredible loyalty, and the fact that if she cares about someone then there is very little that she will not do to keep them safe.

The only reason that she is supposed to come to Smallville, is because of Chloe’s death. Lois feels that something isn’t right, and uses her investigative abilities, allied with her insatiable curiosity in order to find her cousin.

Come on, I think it would have been a rare person who on seeing Lois carrying that big gun, who didn’t develop a soft spot or some admiration for her. 

The Smallville version of the character negates one of the biggest faults in the character of Lois Lane, as a charge frequently laid against her, is that she is too much of a damsel in distress, always waiting around for Superman to rescue her.

This Lois, while she might get herself into a lot of trouble, because of her unwillingness to stop and make detailed plans, is more than capable of fending off attackers.

She will phone Chloe, relying on her cousin for assistance before calling any of the male contacts that she has in her phone.

Despite Erica Durance’s evident slender frame, Smallville’s Lois is capable of drinking most men, regardless of their physical attributes under the table, something that we learn in the fourth season

Her independent spirit, probably created by being brought up by a single father who served in the military, may be part of what attracts the attention of so many of the male characters.

Smallville might not have been able to green light the romantic connection between Lois and Clark until season eight, but they didn’t have Lois sitting at home alone.

Lois’ love interests

She first forms a attachment to Arthur Curry, (Aquaman) in the fifth season, not long after returning to Smallville. It’s short lived, but the two remain friendly, even after Arthur joins Oliver’s team.

The next romance isn’t exactly healthy. She dates a meta human assassin, who attempts to kill Lex Luthor in a very misguided attempt to repay Clark by getting Lana to go out with him again. He appears charming, and is very wealthy but evidently was never going to be Lois’s right man.

She and Oliver have a ‘meet cute’, when she mistakes him for the courier delivering a letter to Martha. He is attracted to her from the jump, and even goes to the extent of buying her a dress in the hopes that she will come to Lex Luthor’s costume ball with him. The romance doesn’t last for very long, undergoing numerous challenges, including his addiction to drugs which artificially beef his performance up.

Their relationship shows another side of Lois, reinforcing her loyalty and desire to help those that she loves, despite what emotional damage they might be suffering under. She also risks her life, refusing to give up the Green Arrow’s identity, even when on the point of drowning.

I felt for Lois, when Oliver chooses his mission, over being with her. The scene in which they break up in the sixth season, was heartbreaking, and the flip side of that, when they reunite in season seven was undeniably hot.

At the heart of it, Oliver and Lois are very similar characters, both dedicated, loyal, protective and capable of consuming vast amounts of alcohol.

I think that if there hadn’t been the ultimate expectation that Lois was going to end up with Clark, I would have really liked to see these two end the series together. Their banter is spiky, and their chemistry is undeniable, not to mention that they are a extremely pretty pair.



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