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Natalie Young

Natalie Young

Season to Taste or How to eat your husband

Without a doubt, Young possesses a dark imagination, it’s not quite as coal black as Bret Easton Ellis, but there are descriptions within this book, regarding parts of Lizzie’s husband Jacob’s anatomy, and how she eats it, that are not for the faint of heart.

I picked the book up initially because it reminded me somewhat, of a tale that a member of a writing course I attended in Lancaster, read out. His was a lot closer to Dahl’s the Twits, though, the part when the walking stick is slowly being added to, things happening in slow motion. It also wasn’t graphic in description.

It’s definitely a unusual premise, that someone as ‘ordinary’ as Lizzie Prain, is declaimed to be, can be capable of cannibalism. However it’s a constant refrain in the newspapers, whenever a British resident, is discovered to be doing something outside of the norm. Very often there will be a acquaintance, who refers to the person responsible for a unusual or horrific act, as ‘being quiet but nice’.

Lizzie is without a doubt one of the most intriguing characters I’ve encountered in a good long while. I never really understood why she would react in such a way, first killing her husband and then opting to eat him to dispose of the body.

 Young writes very well, the description of various things making me curious about what she will do next.

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