“I thought that you were giving up on me.” She doesn’t wait for me to reply, instead brushing by me and going to open her apartment door. I struggle to my feet, feeling stiff after sitting on the hallway carpet for so long, and am about to reach out to touch her arm, when she says “You should be with your wife,”

“I tried that. And I know that you’re the craziest woman that I’ve ever met but when I’m apart from you…” the prepared speech that I had run through numerous times while waiting for her to come back flies right out of my head when she finally looks directly at me. I can’t understand how one woman can befuddle my mind so effortlessly, as she does. All I know is that every time I know I’m about to see her, I feel a excitement level on par with what I used to feel as a kid on Christmas morning.

Copyright Emily Morris 2020

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