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Andy Weir




Jazz has been living on the moon for quite a while, but is bored of only earning a small wage. She has been topping her wages up with small time crimes, but then is told about a job that will earn her a enormous amount of money.

I really loved Weir’s The Martian, and this was in some ways even more enjoyable. It is written from Jazz’s perspective, and she’s a great character, Weir building someone with real heart, that I rooted for even when she was breaking the law. She is endearing, and funny, making me really hope that she gets out of the hole she has gotten herself into.

The description of the moon, and the civilisation that has been created up there is also vivid. Weir’s sure touch in allowing his readers to use their imagination is balanced with his ability to build believable places for his characters to live in. Although the idea of a city on the moon is currently firmly in the realm of Science Fiction, Artemis felt very real to me personally.

This seems to be Weir’s gift, to create Science Fiction with real heart, thanks to his believable and relatable characters.


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