Writing Exercise

I challenged myself to write something from the first person, describing their partner without specifying which sex either person was, and then I received the prompt from a writing tutor to use song lyrics to write a descriptive piece, this is the result.


On a cool summer’s night, the gentle glowing light surrounds you as I’m sitting in our favourite spot by the water’s edge. It comes from your cigarette and I watch your perfect eyes, the deep blue pulling me in as always.

I don’t know what it is about you, maybe the fact that you don’t realise how lovely you are. You have become the strength that keeps me walking, after the many mistakes that I have made in my past. Before I start thinking about just what led me here, and how lucky I have been to even reach twenty one I feel your hand on my shoulder.

The breeze is blowing softly on my face but I don’t feel the chill so much, your hand is burning through the thin fabric of my shirt. “You’re losing faith in me aren’t you?”the shadow darts across your face and I feel even more guilt.

“No!” I take hold of your hand, needing to feel your skin against mine. “It’s not you that I’m losing faith in,” your face relaxes a little, a small smile curving your mouth.


Copyright Emily Morris 2018


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