I have thought many negative things about Donald Trump since he first started running for president of the United States. I hadn’t paid any attention to him during his time as the host of The Apprentice USA, and so had no real concept of how he presented himself in public.

Like many, I was shocked by his comments referencing how he interacted with women. His racial slurs against the entire Mexican nation was another disappointment, I couldn’t understand how he was gaining support when he was speaking such bile. The constant displays of ignorance and intolerance towards anyone who dared to display a contrary viewpoint to his, or more accurately tell him that he was doing something wrong, revealed that he had a incredibly thin skin and a child like perception.

However since he came to power, I have kept hoping that someone, anyone would be strong enough to help him display compassion, and help those in his country that aren’t necessarily the same as him.

The events in Florida, the shooting of the high school students has revealed that he evidently doesn’t possess a high level of compassion. He has been pictured with a cue card to guide him in the sit down with those survivors, which even reminds him of the need to say ‘I am listening’

How can a man possibly reach the age of seventy, and not develop the ability to listen to those in the grip of intense grief? I don’t understand how it’s possible for a man to live in the world, and interact with people and still have to be reminded how to comfort grieving and angry people.


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