Aurora Love studied herself in the large mirror in her dorm room, carefully applying mascara to her lower lashes. “Are you sure that I don’t look stupid?” she asked her dorm mates Andrea Day, Shannon O’Leary and Olivia Grey who were all readying themselves too.

“You look great Rory.” Olivia said, “I can’t get the hang of this,” she sighed in frustration as she tried again to curl her hair into a French twist.

“Come here,” Aurora crossed the room, sitting behind Olivia on her bed, and twisting the other girl’s hair into a sleek French twist secured by a jewelled clip.

“Where did you get this from?” Olivia touched the clip gently.

“A old friend gave it to me,” a shadow flickered over Aurora’s face, something that her dorm mates have gotten used to over the last eight months.

Copyright Emily Morris 2018

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