Back to Me


“Just come back to me?” her plea takes me aback for a moment, I’ve never had somebody that genuinely wants me at their side before. All of the women that I’ve been involved with have been content with us having a casual arrangement. She stiffens a little in my arms when I don’t reply but I don’t let her pull away. Her fingers come to rest against the side of my hip, occasionally dipping beneath the thin cotton of my shirt and I know in that instant that I need her, in a way that I have never needed a woman before.

“I will always come back to you.” She has become the last person that I think of before I go into battle, and I honestly think sometimes that I fight in order to make sure that I will be able to hold her again. I allow the barriers that I have maintained for so long to slip a little, and give her a hint of what exactly I feel for her. I know the minute that she receives it as her arms tighten around my waist, a soft sigh escaping her. I’m unable to resist the impulse to lean down and claim her mouth, the taste of her is something that I’m rapidly becoming more and more addicted to.

Copyright Emily Morris 2017


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