No More Apologies

phone-1889403_960_720.jpg“Don’t come home tonight,” Yolanda cuts off her husband’s attempt at a apology as she strides along the street. She’s glad that he’s not before her, giving her the opportunity to project a ice cool demeanour after she discovered that he has gone back yet again on his promise to avoid damaging their marriage.

The citrus scent, and the underwear lying on the bedroom floor in their Chelsea flat, had been the final straw. She had sneezed for twenty minutes, thanks to her allergies being activated by the fragrance. “I’m taking the kids and going away for a week or two I expect you to have moved out before I come back.” Angry splutterings come across the line but she merely ends the call, glad in a way that the truth is finally out now.

It still hurts her heart a little though, when she sees the screensaver image of her, him and the kids flash up. They were so happy that day, and she doesn’t know quite how she is going to explain the situation to them.


Copyright Emily Morris 2017

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