My fave songs (in no particular order) number 90

Image result for crazy in lovePicture credited to Wikipedia

Crazy in love


There is a energy and life to everything that Beyonce performs, and this song is no exception. It was one of the first songs that I heard her sing on her own, and the sheer flexibility and passion she puts into the dance moves is remarkable too. It’s been a part of my ever evolving playlist of songs that help get me inspired when I’m working on written pieces.

The lyrics, about how you can lose yourself a little when you have deep feelings for a partner, are something that most can relate to, particularly in the first flush of the relationship. This is borne out by the sheer range of different fictional couples that have had a video created for them, backed by this song.

Official Music video

Beyonce performs it live

Fan videos using the song

Olicity (Arrow) created by JLegend /Ch

Chair (Gossip Girl) created by Fola

Vampire Diaries created by Alicia1420

Athos and Milady (Three Musketeers) Created by Claire Newman

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