“You infuriate me do you know that?” Fitzwilliam sits down at Alessandra’s bedside, ignoring the rest of us as we stand in the doorway. He only has eyes for her, smoothing one tangled ringlet back from her face, exposing the myriad of cuts and bruises marring her bronzed skin. “Why do you persist in throwing yourself into harm’s way? You could have been killed!”

“She wanted to protect you,” Michael protests “That’s her first impulse. You know that. She wants to protect those she loves and she loves you more than anyone.”

“I don’t want her to be hurt. She shouldn’t be here Michael. She’s weak and fragile. This isn’t the life for her.”

“It’s her choice. She’s a grown man who knows her own mind,” Michael tells him “She’s been independent since she was fifteen.”


Copyright Emily Morris 2016

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