My Fave Characters (in no particular order) number 48

Amy Pond

Doctor Who

Karen Gillan

It took me a while to warm properly to Amy. I liked her well enough, in her first few episodes as she followed the trend of the modern era Doctor Who of having the companions initially be people who weren’t quite sure of where their life was heading. She was clearly wanting to have something more exciting to do, than living in such a small place, and working as a kissogram.

She was funny, sure, and clearly quite forthright. She didn’t seem to be nervous about showing her attraction to the Doctor, and it provided a few comedic moments particularly in her first episode.

It was the episode with Vincent Van Gogh that I really connected with her though. Gillan portrayed Amy’s confusion over the fact that she was sad, about Rory’s loss, even though she didn’t remember why, brilliantly. The connection that was developed between her and Van Gogh, the two confused redheads was brilliantly played and written, and the scene in the art gallery was wonderful uploaded by Doctor Who

I liked the fact that Amy is, so far, the first companion to travel along side her husband, and the Dinosaur on the Spaceship episode showcased all three members of the Pond-Williams family to be seen on screen very well. It showed Amy’s forthright nature, and the fact that she refused to allow the big game hunter to dismiss her, simply because of her being a young woman.

She remained strong willed throughout her character arc, but like Rose before her slowly came to realise that she needed to allow others in a bit more. It became clear throughout her tenure as a companion, just how important Rory was in Amy’s life, and I loved the fact that the two of them travelled as a married couple. I think that it might be the first time that the series has had a married couple travelling together with the Doctor. The final moment before they decide to jump and remain in the past, was incredibly emotionally affecting, both Darvill and Gillan were remarkable in the scene, uploaded by Doctor Who

It’s her sarcastic nature and her ability to empathise with people that really won me over, and that’s the reason that she is one of my favourite characters.

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