My fave reality tv stars (in no particular order) number 9


Kitchen Nightmares

Season Three

Laura from Mama Rita’s

She came across as a very caring woman, who had got herself into a bit of a mess, as she had tried to run her restaurant in the same way as she ran her catering business. She might not have been the best boss at first, but she never seemed to be a bad tempered person throughout the episode.

She had a close bond with her head chef, a girl who unfortunately hadn’t the ability to cope with cooking on the line. Laura’s passion was really shown during the relaunch, but she wasn’t one of the owners who fight Ramsay tooth and nail over the changes he wants to make.

I admired her honesty when talking to the former customers as well, she didn’t try to make any excuses or get defensive like so many other owners do in the show.

Kitchen Nightmares episode video uploaded by Cheshire Gaming

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