Snippets (number 7)

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“We’ve got to write about our families for homework mum,” Sam said “How on earth am I going to describe our family?” he screwed up another piece of paper, throwing it onto the floor in his frustration. His gaze returned to the large portrait of his extended family that hung above the fireplace, landing on the faces of his mother and father right in the middle.

His mother paused in the middle of chopping the carrots for dinner “What do you mean?” a quizzical expression crossed her tanned features. “You know how to describe us. We’re a nuclear upper middle class family,”

“We’re not exactly average,” Sam laughed as the air in the corner of the kitchen started to shimmer, and his broad shouldered father materialised. His dad was still clad in the sky blue leather uniform of the Amour Federation. A small cut bled over his dad’s left eye but his face still lit up the instant that he saw his wife.

“Honey are you okay?” concern glinted in Sam’s mother’s dark blue eyes as she scanned her husband from head to toe.

James stepped closer, brushing one hand over her cheek, “I’m fine it was just a bit of a rough patrol,” he assured her, before reaching out to grab a piece of carrot.

Marie slapped her husband’s hand “Wash your hands first,”

copyright E.Morris 2016

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