Flash Fiction (number 24)


Back to you

The raised angry voices came oozing out through the thin walls of the flat, spilling down the long cream painted hallway. The door opened abruptly and a curvy brunette came striding out, slamming the front door on her boyfriend’s attempted retort to the dispraging comment she hurled over her shoulder.

She strode down swiftly down the corridor, oblivious to the fact that her neighbours were observing her through their peepholes. Her profile bristled with righteous anger, as she stalked on her way to the lift, sparing barely a thought for the man that she had left behind.

Inside their flat, he kicked out blindly in his frustration. His foot collided with a stuffed bear holding a heart, a Valentine’s present and sent it flying across the room. It squeaked in protest as it slid beneath the black leather sofa. A expletive escaped from his lips, pushed out by the anger burning inside him.

The shrill ringing of the phone broke through his thoughts, and he grabbed hold of the cool plastic, lifting the receiver to his ear. He couldn’t help the sharpness of his greeting, as he presumed that it was going to be his girlfriend.

His surprise was great when instead he heard the calm lilting tones of his best friend. The familiar voice soothed his temper as usual, and he found himself agreeing to what she proposed. Grabbing his jacket he left in a hurry, switching off the lights but leaving the bear where it had skidded.

He took long strides on his way to the lift, anxious to get out of the building. He heard the click of the peepholes opening, but resisted the impulse to respond as he wanted to. When the lift doors opened in the lobby, he was stunned to see his girlfriend waiting there with a sheepish smile on her face. A glance at her phone’s display revealed a all too familiar number and he laughed.

Their voices mingled, words tumbling over each other as both tried to apologise over the argument. Hand in hand they returned to the flat, wondering why they had been so mad over the washing up.



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