Authors beginning with the letter B


Emily Benet

Please Retweet

Synopsis: May Sparks works for a social media company, and basically tweets on the behalf of public figures who have got themselves into trouble through their own tweets. She gets absorbed by her job, neglecting her friendships, and indirectly isolating herself from a potential love interest because he dislikes her career choice.

May’s a reasonably likable character, if a little blind to the realities of the people in her life. She has a slight tendency to be judgemental, nothing more than many people do, but she believes that because her boss ‘keeps his tan topped up’ and has smart suits that he wants to be a celebrity himself.

Benet writes in a light hearted way, making May into a amusing character, particularly when she thinks in tweets, making them up for possible situations in her life such as a older client complaining to her boss, and her boss firing her, ‘@SparkyMay You’re fired. LOL. #packyourthings #thatsnotyourlaptop #givebackthelaptop’

It’s generally a little predictable, in the way that the conflicts in May’s life are portrayed. She attempts to get her roommate to hook up with her handsome neighbour Alex, not realising that he actually is attracted to her. It’s pretty obvious to anyone that has read more than one of this style of book, from early on in the book what is likely to happen at the end, but Benet does add a slight twist, by adding the tweets throughout the book.

Benet delivers a perfectly likable addition to the genre, and has a humorous and lively heroine at the centre of the action, making sure that she will have readers wanting to know what happens to May.

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