My fave songs (in no particular order) number 81


In my veins

Andrew Belle(feat. Erin McCarley)

‘People say goodbye, In their own special way’

It’s a song that I’ve heard a lot, given that it’s one of the most popular ones as background for fan videos on Youtube. It’s a sweet song, and I like the lyrics. There’s something almost poetical, about the description of light, and I can relate to the idea of being unable to forget certain people.

Official music video

Fan videos featuring the song

Edge and Kelly Kelly (WWE) video created by mariahardyproduction

Olicity (Arrow) video created by Arrowfan 4life

Jax and Tara (Sons of Anarchy) video created by FilmDigest

Dan and Serena (Gossip Girl) video created by KandiApple9001




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