Kids in America (21st December 1988)

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Jared’s pov

“Come on Jared!” Dad practically drags me out of the hotel room. I really don’t want to go and meet another of his business buddies’ kids. Dad seems to be under the delusion that I’m actually friends with them. He’s been forcing me to hang out with Hart and the rest of the creepy bunch for years, and I don’t hold out much hope that this Sara Markham will be any different.

When we enter the Plaza bar, it’s empty except for a tubby balding guy, who’s trying to impress a girl who doesn’t look much older than I am. “Stop fidgeting,” I play absently with the bar mat, wishing that I was anywhere but here. “They’re here,”

Dad stands up, as a wiry guy comes in with his pocket sized daughter. The first thing I notice is her eyes, they sparkle with laughter and the next thing is her Led Zeppelin t shirt. Without a word she grabs my hand, and pulls me out of the bar. “Let’s go. My sister’s playing at the Bowery,” I glance back at Dad, unsure. “Don’t worry, my dad knows where we’re going,”


Sara’s pov

I lag behind papa, as we walk to the Plaza. I love New York at all times, but the Christmas decorations. Wow is the only way to describe them, and I always have to keep remembering to take my eyes away from the sparkly lights, “Come on Sar!” Papa laughs beckoning me from the steps. “We’re running late already!”

“Which ones are we meeting again?” Papa always involves me in meeting his business associates if they have kids. He used to take Cally, but it’s my turn to distract them now. And to be fair, I’ve liked most of them, I mean everyone has something positive in their character, it just takes longer to find it sometimes.

“It’s the Lyons. Just take Jared to see your sister perform or something, so that I can talk to his dad privately.” Papa pushes open the door to the bar, and nods to a thick set blond man. His son, a thin brunet lets the sulky mask slip for a few seconds, and I can see the kindness in his eyes. I know I can be friends with him.

6 thoughts on “Kids in America (21st December 1988)

  1. It’s interesting to see how each share their version of the events. Are the couple on the previous the real Sara and Jarod? And is it a true story?


    1. The couple in the picture, was one that I found on Google, they fit the image I had in my head of the couple. But Sara and Jared are just fictional. I was inspired by One Day, where the story of two people was played out by revisiting them on the same day of the month, over a span of twenty years.

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      1. Kinda and not really… I’ve some ideas but I’m not sure what form I should present them in… I’m still fairly new to the whole writing thing. That soulmate book was just to close the chapter of that part of my life so I can move forward.

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