My fave characters (in no particular order) number 39


Agatha Raisin

created by MC Beaton

This character is the star of many detective stories by MC Beaton, and was played by Ashley Jensen in the television version of the first book over Christmas just gone. I think she’s hilarious, and so endearing. There’s something that’s more relatable than many of the other fictional detectives that I’ve encountered, because she’s accident prone, intense when it comes to falling for attractive men, and has other failings as well such as being a smoker, and quite possessive of those she comes to care about.

Her first story ‘Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death’, shows all the great qualities that she possesses, it’s interesting seeing a middle aged woman who’s not able to control her emotions when it comes to her interactions with the opposite sex, some of the things that she does reminding me of my own teenage years.

I was never all that accident prone, but can relate to feeling strongly about boys who didn’t feel the same way about me, and it’s a recurring theme for Agatha, nearly every book has her forming a infatuation with a man who is not suitable for her. She has a connection with her next door neighbour James Lacey which is particularly strong, also recurring in most books, despite the fact that he doesn’t exactly seem to feel the same way about her, he’s a very self contained man and he’s not very tactile, or emotionally expressive.

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