Musings (number 6)


Some people are unexpectedly rude. I was working in the library, trying to get pages onto the computer, and the library manager asked me if I could move, so that they could use the table for a computer lesson for children, totally understandable, and I had no problem in moving, for such a reason.

However the woman giving the lesson, I would not want her teaching my niece or nephew, she gave the impression of being a rather ignorant person. I attempted to give her advice, saying she might want to move one of the computers into the space I was vacating, and she gave no response whatsoever, even while looking right at me. I understand that I’m not the loudest or clearest speaker, and it’s possible she didn’t hear, but she was looking at me, so I don’t think that it’s likely she had no knowledge that I had spoken.

It also angered me that she didn’t acknowledge or say anything about the fact that her lesson was displacing me. The lack of social graces is surprising, and I hope that she is not passing on such things to her son, a toddler who doesn’t seem to receive much of her attention while in the library.

I have seen her be so focused on whatever she is doing on the computer, that she doesn’t seem to realise that her son is going up to people unfamiliar with him, and on some occasions following them towards the front doors of the library. I hope that she is more focused on the children that she is supposed to be teaching this afternoon, but will definitely not be trying to communicate with her myself, on any future encounters with her.

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