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X Men

Starring Hugh Jackman, Famke Janssen, James Marsden, Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart, Rebecca Romijin- Stamos, Ian McKellen and Anna Paquin

Trailer Uploaded by MovieZya

The basic synopsis of the film is that humans have been living alongside mutated beings for years, without many of them knowing. A young girl named Rogue/Marie (Paquin) discovers that she has a mutation, after accidentally putting her boyfriend in a coma. She runs away and meets Logan/Wolverine (Jackman), another mutant. Professor Xavier (Stewart) sends some of his teachers to get them, and bring them to his school for the gifted, however his old friend Erik/Magneto (McKellen) has other plans for Rogue.

For me personally this is the strongest of the first three X Men movies, the majority of the lines were good, the only really stupid one that I remember was Storm’s comment to Toad, ‘Do you know what happens to toads when it’s struck by lightning? The same thing as everything else’. They could at least have done a cheesy joke, like ‘it croaks’, clip uploaded by Allan Abayon

The special effects are impressive, particularly when we see Magneto using his abilities, and I did like the characters as portrayed in this one. Logan’s snarky and abrasive, coming out with great one liners, and I liked the conflict between him and Scott/Cyclops’ (Marsden) the fact that they both clearly had feelings for Jean Grey, as well as their very different slants on the world. clip uploaded by liglichka66

I particularly liked the relationship between Logan and Marie, as he goes from being a anti social loner who doesn’t want her there,clip uploaded by Whitleypedia to promising to protect her, and ultimately risking his life for her. It was nice that she was the one that saved his life towards the start of the film,  uploaded by ┌∩┐{◣_◢}┌∩┐│║▌║█││▌.The scene between them on the train, was a lovely moment, and I genuinely felt a little moved by the dialogue, and then the special effects kicked in again, clip uploaded by Nelson Ink.

It was nice to see so many strong females in a fantasy/sci fi film, I mean there were so many good performances, such as Paquin’s transformation from scared little girl to someone beginning to find her place in the world, Janssen’s self assured telepath who is clearly technically minded as she fixes Xavier’s machine, Berry’s Storm who has one of the most visually impressive abilities of the cast, and Romijin’s Raven Darkholme/Mystique who is powerful and clearly physically adept.

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