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Agatha Raisin and the Fairies of Fryfram

MC Beaton


A heartbroken Agatha goes to Fryfam in Norfolk, after James dumps her. Fryfam has it’s own mysteries, including strange lights and vanishing items that locals put down to fairies. It’s not long before the murders start happening. The first victim is the Lord of the Manor, Tolly, and the police suspect Agatha because she’s writing a novel called Death at the Manor, involving very similar circumstances. So she sets out to solve it, as she has done others in the past, to clear her name. 

It’s another solid entry in the Agatha Raisin series, and the new character of Rosie, the pub owner is particularly interesting. She’s a pretty woman, and the men from the village refuse to allow their wives to accompany to the pub, while they go every night.

Agatha develops a friendship with three of the women, Amy, Harriet and Polly, and there’s a humorous scene where the four of them go to the pub, having a great time and ignoring all three of the husbands. Further humour comes from Tolly’s snobbery, and attempts to blend in with the hunting and fishing crowd, despite his background.

It’s a nice ending as well, as Agatha finally gets what she’s wanted for the entirety of the series up until this point. I couldn’t help but feel happy for the character, even though I know that it probably will not last for very long.


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